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Marty’s enthusiasm and passion saw him become one of the few survivors in an industry that many find hard to navigate.

With over 49 years experience in the Broadcast medium as a broadcaster, in sales and management, Marty has experienced the many egos, personalities and dramas that come with a 24 hour a day 7 days a week operation.

This gives Marty a very varied skill set which he brings to his training.

Marty expertly facilitates One on One Mentoring, Professional Development Coaching, Keynote Presentations, Seminars, Workshops, Customised In House Training and Change Management.

Marty’s commitment is to understand your wants and needs and then develop strategies that meet or exceed your expectations.

It's why he can :

  • Get your staff motivated with a strategic verbal rocket.
  • Facilitate spirited discussion on a wide range of topics.
  • Provoke thought-stimulating discussion.
  • Provide a great entertaining training session with plenty of take home information and ideas that can be implemented immediately.
  • Help you negotiate change.
  • Develop a highly effective team.

Marty can Inspire Your Sales Team, Your Staff, Your Business, Your Life or Your Relationships.

He can achieve this through the following workshop:

Are you sure you are not the Problem (Working Effectively With Others)

In this presentation Marty will show you:

  • How to build better relationships with Tricky, Difficult and Complex People.
  • How to better communicate with your staff
  • How to better communicate with your family
  • How to better communicate with your friends
  • How to express your true feelings
  • How to build better relationships
  • How to work effectively with others
  • How to build a strong team
  • How to be happy at work

Some other training packages Marty can customise for your team include:


  • If you can’t deal with change you shouldn’t be in this business
    (coping with change in these changing times)
  • Sales strategies and process that work
    (develop a strategy from cold calling thru to retaining your existing customers)
  • “Sex, Sales and Marketing the oldest game in town”
    (Selling with Integrity)
  • Mate, Mate, Maaate
    (Networking Effectively)
  • I’d rather have Root Canal Therapy than Cold Call
    (Overcoming Cold Call Reluctance)
  • How to sell yourself in under 30 seconds
    (Your Personal Commercial)
  • Don’t advertise … until you are ready
    (when is the right time to advertise)

Executive Development

Sometimes You Just Don’t Get It
(Finding Work/Life Balance)

In this presentation Marty will show you how:

  • To Balance yourself Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually.
  • Work life balance is not set in concrete. It’s a flexible journey not a destination.
  • When you regain Balance you can have a healthy life and great relationships.
  • To regain Balance in your life by using real-life strategies for work/life balance
  • To reduce your adrenalin and stress levels to become healthier.
  • To stop trying to juggle our responsibilities, obligations, commitments, needs, wants, desires and passions and feeling like you will never get on top of any of them.
  • To let go and know everything is OK

Other training packages Marty can customise for your team include:

  • Increasing your profile to help grow your business
  • Growing your business through strong client relationships
  • How to survive management and keep smiling
  • Improve your income by examining yourself worth.

Keep knocking, and the joy inside will eventually open up a window and look out to see who's there.

-- Jalal ad-Din Rumi --


Marty’s Services include:

  • 1:1 Mentoring and Coaching
  • In House Training and Motivation
  • Executive Development Programs
  • Keynote Presentations
  • Workshops / Seminars
  • Media Consulting Services

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